As the management team of a company that is currently up for sale, you have a major say in finding a new owner who is right for the business, right for its employees, and right for your personal future.

Fidelium is a reliable partner, both in good times and when things get tough. As an operational investor, we attach enormous importance to rapid decision-making and entrepreneurial management. We actively support the management team and give them a major stake in the company’s future success.

Benefits for management teams:

  • Feel free to get in touch whenever you want and find out more about us. We always have time for a coffee and a chat and we’d love to get to know you better. That also applies to our future collaboration after the transaction is complete.

  • One question we can answer in advance is what your future looks like after the transaction: in every case, our clear preference is to retain the existing management team and build on your experience and expertise.

  • It’s not easy to lead a company out of a special situation and you may wonder if you’re up to the task. You can be assured of our active support through every step of the way. In addition to our capital investment, we can provide hands-on assistance with a range of special tasks, from carve-outs and finance to additional acquisitions and efficiency enhancement projects. If the prospect excites you, you’re already on the path to success.

  • We are committed to flat hierarchies and entrepreneurial decision-making. We also want to give you the freedom you need to steer the right course for the business. Simply tell us where you need support and we will step in, leaving you to focus on your core activities.

  • Most of our investments are made entirely using our own capital. As a result, your business won’t be burdened by added debt that would hamper its future growth.

  • Although we welcome your personal co-investment, it is not a requirement. We aim to find a partnership model that suits your individual circumstances. Either way, we want you to share in the future prosperity of the business.

  • We talk openly about problems. We reach decisions quickly. We learn from our mistakes. We respect each other. And we also know how to have fun.