Investment Focus

We focus on the areas that are peripheral to your business.

Fidelium has a clear investment focus and value growth strategy. Unlike most investors, we are not primarily interested in stable and growing industry leaders. Instead, what inspires us is the opportunity to leverage our operational expertise to transform and reposition companies, ultimately boosting their value.

In addition to providing capital for both the initial acquisition and follow-on investments, we look for clear evidence that active operational support is required. The companies we work with have a clear raison d’être and a healthy foundation, but are currently facing major operational challenges.

Main Areas of Investment

Typical investment scenarios

Companies with significant potential for operational improvement

Companies that—for external or internal reasons—have lower than average profitability for their sector or which have received inadequate investment in the past. We are happy to provide support via investment and efficiency measures that boosts the profit margin.

Carve-out from larger companies or corporates

The divestiture of non-core businesses, belonging to large corporates is a typical scenario. Often, these businesses are heavily integrated within the parent company and are not standalone enterprises. We have many years’ experience in carving out business units to create independent SMEs.

Companies in special situations

Examples here include companies seeking an investor to assist with succession, essential relocation, necessary restructuring, or a difficult banking situation. We have long experience of dealing with challenging scenarios. In addition to the required capital, our strategic approach allows us to provide the necessary operational support.

Management buy-outs/buy-ins

Where a management team sees an opportunity to develop a promising business and requires an experienced partner. We are eager to work with business-minded management teams, providing both capital investment and operational expertise.

Investment Criteria


EUR 30–500 million

Sector agnostic

Focus on industrial, chemical, consumer goods, business services, TMT



Equity commitment

Per investment up to EUR 20 million

Majority holdings

At least 75%


EBITDA -10% to +10%


Venture capital, seed investments, minority holdings, insolvencies