The decision to move on from what may be a multi-generation family business is always difficult. It is a decision preceded by careful consideration of the company’s circumstances as well as your own resources, your capabilities, and your personal plans for the future. It is a decision that takes time, since in addition to the financial implications it also has a profound impact on your family.

Fidelium is the ideal partner for this process. As we secure the future existence and competitiveness of your company, you can rest assured that it is in the right hands.

Benefits for business owners:

  • As an experienced investor, we understand that deciding your succession is not always a linear process. Decisions you took yesterday, may suddenly be open to question again. Our patient approach adjusts to your pace.

  • Selling your company doesn’t have to mean a cliff-edge departure. We welcome your continued presence during the transition period, where your commitment and experience will be invaluable.

  • When completing a transaction, it’s often necessary to consider other family members. Our role is to help you find and implement the ideal solution for all those involved.

  • We are very aware that you care about the future of your staff, the future direction of your company, and its continued commitment to its location. We share these concerns and will agree the aspects that you want to see considered in the future running of the business.

  • A succession transaction is closely intertwined with your personal or family finances and therefore needs to be handled with discretion. We can adapt the transaction to your specific structuring requirements and will deploy a small team for maximum efficiency and privacy.