As markets develop at an ever-increasing pace, larger companies in particular need to adapt and respond to changing demands. In many cases, an honest analysis of the business will reveal a number of activities that are no longer essential and should be disposed of.

A new owner with the right focus and resources can provide the respective business units - and their staff - with a new and sustainable future. Finding the right partner, who will successfully lead the transformation into a standalone business while respecting the vendor’s intentions, is a complex process.

Through our ability to focus on activities that are peripheral to your business, we can successfully spin off selected business units as independent SMEs.

Benefits for corporate groups:

  • We understand that multiple stakeholders need to be involved in a sale, so we aim to achieve optimum results for all. We are highly flexible and always committed to finding a viable solution for each party.

  • Using a small and experienced team, we conduct all due diligence and complete all transactions with pragmatism, speed, and discretion. The entire process is designed for maximum efficiency and minimum disruption.

  • Many companies have patchy accounts, which makes lenders very wary. Thanks to our specialist expertise and financial strength, we can put together attractive propositions for acquisitions and follow-on investments without recourse to banks.

  • In many cases, the business unit to be divested is not a standalone company. Usually, a number of missing pieces need to be added very quickly. The starting point may be a single production site, which requires sales, R&D, and management structures before full independence can be achieved. Managing this process is what we do every day.

  • Before a business unit is carved out, it is often heavily dependent on the parent company in terms of supply chain, production facilities, IT, etc. Our role is to enable a clean cut from the parent company. If desired, we are happy to continue our collaboration in the post-transaction period.

  • Management teams are typically excited by the prospect of independence, but also mindful of the challenges involved. We have a strong preference for working with the existing management. We provide the support needed, offer protection against the pressures, and facilitate rapid business decisions.

  • This is achieved through our proven combination of experience, financial strength, and flexible decision-making process. We are accustomed to dealing with difficult situations, able to deliver smooth transactions, and always true to our word.