• As leading global supplier of hydraulic and electrohydraulic steering and transmission pumps, Evamo is a long-standing partner to the automotive and commercial vehicle industry. Based on its worldwide setup in engineering, manufacturing and sales, Evamo provides its international customers with local expertise and innovative solutions on top quality level.

    • Headquarter
      Berlin, Germany

    • Employees
      c. 900 employees worldwide, 
      there of c. 600 in Germany

    • Sales
      EUR 210m

    • Industry
      Development, manufacturing and sales of steering and transmission pumps for the automotive and commercial vehicle industry

    • Seller
      Robert Bosch Automotive 
      Steering GmbH

    • Products/Services
      (Electric) hydraulic steering pumps for commercial vehicles and passenger cars and transmission pumps for passenger cars

Evamo's know how in the development and production of pump solutions dates back to 1950. Once strongly rooted in Germany’s mechanical engineering industry, the company has established itself as a global market and technology leader over the past decades. Due to innovative machining and automation concepts, Evamo offers its customers a wide range of products in small and large series production.

The broad portfolio of products ranges from energy-saving hydraulic steering pumps to transmission pumps for partially or fully electrified powertrain designs. The steering pumps are tailored to meet a wide range of requirements from customers in the automotive and commercial vehicle segment. They are characterized by reliable oil supply, high power density at low weight, improved system efficiency and lower fuel consumption. Evamo's efficient and flexible oil pumps for passenger car automatic transmissions provide a robust design and ensure smooth interaction of all transmission components. As a result, Evamo's products significantly support the achievement of global CO2 emission targets.

  • The steering and transmission pump business has great potential and good growth opportunities. Fidelium already has favorable experience with acquisitions of automotive suppliers. We will support the existing management team and employees with our operational expertise on their way to a successful future.

    Dominik Beck, Managing Partner at Fidelium Partners

  • In Fidelium, we have found a reliable new owner. The basis for a trusting cooperation has been laid. Now we want to work together to progress the sustainable development of our business, which includes in particular the continuous enhancement of the product portfolio.

    Rolf Herkommer, CEO at Pump Technology Solutions