• ALUNITED Denmark is a leading manufacturer of chassis components made from extruded aluminium profiles for the automotive industry. The plant in Tønder is highly recognized by premium OEMs for its distinctive expertise in aluminium and the applied manufacturing processes.

    • Headquarter
      Tønder, Dänemark

    • Employees
      c. 160 full-time employees

    • Sales
      EUR 60m

    • Industry
      Production of aluminum formed parts for the automotive industry

    • Seller

    • Products/Services
      Aluminium engine cradles, brake pedals and front end structure parts

The company's excellent reputation in the field of highly complex forming processes for the production of a wide variety of aluminium shapes is reflected in its long-standing relationships with customers. The plant differentiates itself through a lean production set-up and cost advantages due to regional proximity to its main suppliers.

ALUNITED Denmark's products can be found in the chassis and body of vehicles and are typically applied in the premium automotive segment. By focusing on aluminium, Tønder is well positioned to meet the future demand for lightweight components resulting from increasingly stringent environmental and safety regulations and the growing trend towards e-mobility.

  • The plant in Tønder has an excellent positioning in the automotive market. As aluminium becomes an increasingly important material for automotive manufacturers to produce lightweight components, the company is ideally positioned to benefit from current trends in the automotive industry. We look forward to supporting the management team and the entire workforce on their way to becoming an independent company.

    Dominik Beck, Managing Partner at Fidelium Partners