• Established by the Reiff family in 1967, RET manufactures complex elastomer moulded parts with a focus on multi-component composite parts based on elastic and thermoplastic materials for the automotive industry. The customer base includes notable tier-1 suppliers and OEMs.

    • Headquarter
      Reutlingen, Germany

    • Employees
      180 full-time employees

    • Sales
      EUR 27m

    • Industry
      Production of elastomer moulded parts and seals, primarily for the automotive industry

    • Seller
      Reiff Group

    • Products/Services
      Production in the niche area of silicone processing with Liquid Silicon Rubber (LSR) and in the area of freely applied seals (CIPG/FIPG)

Manufacturing with the latest Liquid Silicon Rubber (LSR) injection-moulding and free application technologies including fully automated testing and assembly facilities, RET offers a multitude of different technologies for sealing, damping and adhesion. RET operates as a full-service provider, supporting its customers throughout the development phase and is often solely responsible for the entire supply chain including purchasing individual components and raw materials through to the assembly of systems.

Dating back to its family-owned roots, RET stands for values and guiding principles of trust, customer focus and reliability, that are shared with customers who depend on RET as an essential supplier for key automotive safety systems. Opening a new facility in Romania in 2017, RET has been able to accelerate its international outlook and offers RET ample expansion opportunities with up to 20,000m² of production space.

  • Whilst we are proud of the many years of growth that RET has achieved and the establishment of RET as a market leading automotive supplier, we recognize the value of an entrepreneurial partner with a hands-on approach in realizing our strategic ambitions. The entire management team and myself are excited about the acquisition and the opportunity to develop RET in a successful stand-alone future.

    Daniel Komenda, Director at RET