• Since Jakob Wolfensberger established his eponymous foundry in 1924, this family-owned Swiss company has continuously adapted to changing market needs. During its over 90-year history, Wolfensberger has steadily evolved its casting techniques, material variants, and production processes.

    • Headquarter
      Bauma, Switzerland

    • Employees
      200 full-time employees

    • Sales
      EUR 40m

    • Industry
      Steel casting, precision casting, machining, specializing in ceramic precision casting (Exacast®), sand casting, and machining

    • Seller
      BenteWolfensberger Beteiligungen AG

    • Products/Services
      Wide range of customer-specific cast products for use in commercial vehicles, shipbuilding, food processing, etc.

Today, it offers around 100 types of cast steel and cast iron, two casting processes—sand and ceramic precision—as well as specialist machining of ready-to-mount castings at its two locations.

Local roots, international outlook: based in Bauma, near Zurich, Wolfensberger produces custom-engineered castings for a multi-industry customer base in Europe, Japan, Korea, and India. To meet the changing demands of customers and markets, the company relies on close consultation as well as the highest quality standards. As a result, Wolfensberger is able to develop specially tailored and ready-to-mount castings not only for manufacturers of commercial road vehicles, rolling stock, ships, aircraft, and spacecraft but also for companies in the construction, food, energy, and chemical industries.

  • Over the past decades Wolfensberger AG has developed into an established company with an excellent international image. In order to further expand this market position and to meet our high requirements with respect to innovation and quality, we need a strong and entrepreneurial partner. Fidelium fully meets these criteria, allowing us to set the course for a continued successful and growth-oriented future.

    Markus Schmidhauser, CEO at WAG

Wolfensberger has established itself as a specialist in unalloyed and alloyed cast iron with spheroidal graphite, wear-resistant alloyed cast iron, corrosion-resistant and heat-resistant cast stainless steel, and high-temperature resistant nickel and cobalt-based alloys. It has also set its own qualitative goal of continuously exceeding customer expectations. Thanks to the expertise of its designers and employees, Wolfensberger is certified to ISO 9001:2015 and approved by Lloyd’s Register and Germanischer Lloyd.